The plant went through many difficulties during the following years. In 1911 Casprjik's private workshop ceased producing crucibles as it had no governmental support and couldn't be a real competitor. The further production of crucibles is connected with restoration and development of the Russian industry. So, owing to persistence and organizing abilities of the first head of Luga Integrated Industrial Plant D. A. Corrman and a technical talent of Josif Casprjik, the only specialist in crucibles in the country of those days, Russia got the crucibles of its own production This story became the plot of N. A Brikin's book "The Provincial Idea".


The Integrated Plant started producing grinding tools at that time. In 1926 the plant "Smychka", being the part of the Integrated Plant, began producing resinoid bond abrasive tools. These two plants were separate institutions right until the Great Patriotic War. During the Great Patriotic War the "Red Crucible" plant, producing crucibles, was evacuated to Stalinsk (Kemerovo region) and the plant "Smychka" was moved to Zlatoust. After the Second World War both plants were restored, expanded and united into one plant "The Red Crucible", which began producing ceramic bond wheels in 1957.


Being once an ordinary enterprise with a small range of products, during the last years Luga Abrasive Plant has become a plant producing a wide range of products (more than 14.000 standard sizes). All products are produced in Russia in manufacturing areas in Leningrad and Pskov regions. At our factory a consumer can purchase abrasive tools on resinoid, ceramic bonds, on a flexible basis and also crucibles.

Over the past decade materials and components from leading European companies have become widely used in production technology. Workshops have been completely reconstructed and repaired. Therefore we replaced obsolete equipment with modern ones. In the production department of the plant about 150 presses work, 55 of which are of the rotary types. This has increased the products quality and also has helped improve productivity.

As a result the plant has reached the level of the world’s best manufacturers. This has excelled them in different and new directions.

In 2011 the plant celebrated the 105-year anniversary. At the present time JSC Luga Abrasive Plant produces about half of the production volume of abrasive tools in Russia. The plant is constantly increasing production output and updates the product range.

Much attention is paid to the quality and outward appearance of the products, safe packaging and to the work we do with our concrete clients. Competitiveness of our production is being constantly proved by regular shipments to the USA, Germany, Greece, Finland, Poland, Cuba, the CIS and other countries. The leading enterprises of Russia and Europe are our customers too.