Flap butt-end wheels «ZIRCON standart»

Flap butt-end wheels «ZIRCON standart» 20-12-2012

JSC Luga Abrasive Plant produces and sells flap butt end wheels  «ZIRCON standart»  for those who prefer high-quality, reliable, and inexpensive tool.
The main advantage of wheels  «ZIRCON standart»  is the optimal ratio of price and quality.

The line  «ZIRCON standart»  is a new construction of flap butt end wheels which has allowed
  • Increase wheels’ performance by two times in comparison with serial wheels KLT-1 and KLT2
  • Decrease wheels cost in comparison with serial wheels KLT-1 and KLT2 made from ZK
  • Make wheels more competitive in the market
Flap butt end wheels  «ZIRCON standart»  is intended for machining of all kind of materials, especially for inox.
The given series is the universal tool and can be used for roughing and semifinishing works, processing of edges and welding joints of the details, deflashing, descaling and rust removing.
Wheels are produced from coated abrasive on the cloth backing (cotton+ polyester) coated with abrasive material produced from zirconia alumina.

Technical characteristics of wheels «ZIRCON standart
  • Type of wheels: KLT1 (flap butt-end wheel 1)
  • Wheels size: 115x22,23; 125x22,23; 150x22,23; 180x22,23
  • Material mark: ZK (zirconia alumina)
  • Grit: 24, 36, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120.
  • The maximum speed is 80 m/s

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