A new series of the cut-off wheel “TOP LINE”

A new series of the cut-off wheel “TOP LINE” 06-10-2014

JSC Luga Abrasive Plant has developed a new series of the cut-off wheel “TOP LINE” for bench-type machines with hand-feed shuttle-type. The capacity of these machines isn’t more than 2.4 kW.

We offer the cut-off wheel of the series “TOP LINE” 41 355х2.2х25.4 А 36 S BF 80 2 met.+inox.

The wheels are designed for work on the bench-type swing frame machine (mounting saws) for metal cutting.

The operating speed of the wheel rotation should not exceed 4400 rpm (80 m/s) on the saw.

The bench-type machine has a variety of advantages in comparison with the angle grinder:

  • Powerful protective cover closes the wheel when it raises up;
  • It isn’t required to have effort for holding of the angle grinder. The effort needs only to the machine handle;
  • The less vibration be passed on worker’s hand;
  • It’s deep dept of the cut because of the using of the bigger wheel diameter
  • It’s more precise and even cut. Because of the operated at the angle grinder, the hand doesn’t make more qualitative cut.
41 355х2.2х25.4 is multipurpose wheel and it’s meant to be use for the cutting:

  • Tubes
  • Fittings
  •  Metal core and wires
  • Different kinds of cross-section (channel bar, corner, bar, etc)

In the identification code of the wheel, the words “met+inox” points at usability of the wheels for the cutting at all grade of steel, including stainless steel.

The wheels are produced from such material:

  • The grinding material is brown aluminum oxide 14A;
  • The grain of the grinding material is 36;
  • The firmness of the wheel is “S”;
  • The resin is BF (Bakelite with the hardening element).

Main advantages of the line wheel “TOP LINE”

  • These wheels are perfect for the cutting of the described above products;
  • There is a saving of the metal by using thin (2.2 mm) wheel for the cutting;
  • High wheels resistance, because it isn’t necessary to make the great efforts of the cutting during a work  (it’s a soft cut);
  • It’s possible to use these wheels on machines with low energy (from 2000 watt);
  • Energy saving;
  • High capacity in-cut;
  • Low temperature of the cut and its smoothness are provided by the cutting of less material;
  • The temperature decrease of the cutting takes a bite out of a risk of the metal restructuring  - “cauterizations”;
  • It’s a time saving for additional handling of the material, because the wheels make less burrs in-cut of the wheel;
  • The cutting of the material with large cross section.

The wheels are packed in the carton boxes by 30 pcs for transportation, storage and protection against mechanical damages.

Example of specification at the time of order 41 355х2.2х25.4 А 36 S BF 80 2 met.+inox. hand. top.

Quantity of the  pieces  (multiples by unit package)

The wheels of the series “TOP LINE” are superior to present analogues at the market in their characteristics and quality-to-price-ratio.

You may assure yourself of this if you buy the wheels “TOP LINE” of JSC Luga Abrasive Plant production.


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