Resinoid bonded abrasive wheels Type 5 (PR)
Дата: 04-05-2016

Specialists of Luga abrasive plant developed  a new kind of tool  TYPE 5 (PR)

Diameter (mm)__100 – 125

High   (mm)__40;  45;  50;   55;  60;  65

Mounting seat (mm)__20;  22,23;   M14;  M20

Operating speed  of wheel’s rotation__50 m/s

The wheels base has a reinforced metallic bottom, which can be with nut M14,  M20.

By reducing the height of fastening  the working section of grinding tool increased from 35 mm till 42 mm.

(see figure)



This allowed to increase  life cycle  of the tool  for 20%. 

Reinforced metallic bottom and materials, which are used in production,  provide:

    • large removal of the processed material
    • high security requirements
    • long service life
    • the perfect balance of price and quality

Field of application of wheels TYPE 5 (PR)

  • processing of concrete products
  • processing of surfaces of concrete, granite, marble  (monuments, floors)
  • removal of   covering
  • preliminary alignment
  • finished machining with necessary  shagginess

Wheels TYPE 5 (PR) are produced from grinding material (black silicone carbide-54С) with grit - F16/20/22/24/30/36/40/60/100.

On customer’s order manufacture of tool from brown fused alumina mark 14A for machining of steel surfaces  and  constructions  is possible.

For transportation, storage and  protection  from mechanical damages  the wheels are packed into cardboard boxes.

At present we offer the lowest  price  for this type  of tool  (to download the price)


Resinoid bonded abrasive wheels Type 5 (PR)