New series of "thin" cut-off wheels "Hi-tech".
Дата: 20-05-2019
Developed a new series of "thin" cut-off wheels "Hi-tech". 

Specialists of JSC “Luga Abrasive Plant” developed a new series of “thin” cut-off wheels “Hi-tech”.

Wheels are made on a unique, the only technology in the world, which allows you to get the thinnest wheel. 

The use of advanced technologies, modern equipment and specialized high-quality materials allows you to achieve "thin" height of the wheels, uniform hardness, the lowest imbalance, which certainly guarantees an accurate and high-quality cut.

“Hi-tech” wheels have many advantages: 
- in the manufacture of wheels used a special coating of materials, which allows not only to increase the duration of service time, but also to ensure their moisture resistance, which is especially important when transporting by sea; 
- the most thin wheels, according to international standards, allow you to perform cuts fast, clean and very accurate without any effort;

Wheels work with low noise and dust, with no burrs and no change in the color of the metal.

The minimum number of burrs and clean cutting edges can reduce the time spent on processing, which greatly facilitates the work during cutting.

Currently, production of cut-off wheels of the “Hi-tech” series metal + stainless steel has been launched:
41 125х0,8х22,23 А 60 S BF 80 2
41 125х1,0х22,23 А 54 S BF 80 2
41 125х1,2х22,23 А 54 S BF 80 2
41 150х1,6х22,23 А 40 S BF 80 2
41 180х1,6х22,23 А 40 S BF 80 2
41 230х1,6х22,23 А 40 S BF 80 2

New "thin" cut-off wheels "Hi-tech" will provide maximum efficiency when cutting!

The highest quality wheels!

New series of "thin" cut-off wheels "Hi-tech".