Abrasive tools recommendations of choosing and applying
14A (A)
Processing of materials with high rupture strength, snagging of steel castings, rolled stock, high-strength cast iron, processing of carbon and alloyed steel, bronze, nickel and aluminum alloys.
25A (WA)
Processing of the hardened details of carbon, high-speed and stainless steel. Processing of the fine details and tools (teeth, knives, drills, chisels), sharpening.
38A (ZK)
Power grinding of steel work pieces by snagging.
54C; 63C (C; GC)
Processing of hard materials with low rupture strength (cast iron, bronze, brass, hard alloy, glass, precious stones, marble, granite, porcelain), and very tenacious materials (high-temperature steel, alloys, copper, aluminium).
F10 - F22 (200 - 80)
Snagging operations with a large cutting depth, billet and casting grinding. Treatment of materials, causing loading of wheel's surface (brass, copper, aluminum).
F22 - F36 (80 - 50)
Surface grinding with the wheel face, chisel sharpening, abrasive tool dressing, cutting off.
F30 - F60 (63 - 25)
Preliminary and combined grinding, cutting tool sharpening.
F40 - F220 (40 - 5)
Flat surface grinding.
F54 - F90 (32 - 16)
Fine grinding, profile surface processing, small tool sharpening, grinding of brittle materials.
F100 - F180 (12 - 6)
Finish grinding, lapping of cutting tools and steel billets, thin edge sharpening, preliminary honing.
F180 - F280 (6 - М50)
Finish grinding of metals, glass, marble and etc., thread grinding finish honing.
F230 - F600 (М63 - М14)
Superfinishing, finish honing, thin edge lapping, thread grinding of pieces with a fine pitch, polishing.
Roughness class
6,7 8 9 10 10 11
Roughness parameter Ra, mm
2,5...1,25 0,80...0,50 0,40...0,30 0,30...0,16 0,12...0,10 0,10...0,08
Grit of a disk
F36, F40 F54, F60 F70 - F90 F100 - F150 F180 - M40 M28 - M14
W, T (ЧТ, ВТ)
Snagging operations, abrasive tool setting, ball-bearing ball grinding.
S, R, Q, P (Т2, Т1, СТ3, СТ2)
Cutting off, slotting, hand snagging operations, circular external grinding, centreless grinding, uneven surface and profile grinding.
P, O, N (СТ2; СТ1; С2)
Preliminary circular external and centreless grinding of steel, malleable cast iron. Profile grinding, uneven surface processing, honing and thread grinding of parts with a coarse pitch.
O, N, M (СТ1 ;С2; С1)
Flat surface grinding with the segments and annular wheels, thread grinding with the resinoid bond wheels.
N, M, L, K (С2; С1; СМ2; СМ1)
Fine and combined circular, external centreless and internal grinding of steel, flat surface grinding, thread grinding, cutting tools sharpening.
L, K, J (CM2, CM1, M3)
Sharpening and lapping of hard-faced cutting tools, grinding of special-property alloys, which are hard to process, polishing.
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