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Recommendations on Safe Use of Fiber Discs

Discs produced of grinding fiber are used only with suitable supporting plate. It is

impossible to use the disc produced of grinding fiber as a supporting plate. Fiber disc diameter

must beminimum3mmbut not more than 15mm less than diameter of the supporting disc.

Before start of work examine a wheel and a supporting plate if they were not damaged

during transportation or as a result of careless storage. Don’t use any damaged or deformed

fiber discs and supporting plates.

Maximum working speed of the fiber disc is 80 m/s. The maximum alighted speed is

indicated in the table (look section “Fiber discs”). Number of rotations of the grinder must be

equal or less than number of fiber discs rotations.

Before start of work check up your equipment on efficiency.

Never take off the cover

whileworking on the grinder!

Fix a disc and a supporting plate on the grinder’s mandrel without skews, reliably drawn

it by a specially intended for it clamp. Be certain that they are reliably fixed. The disc should

adjoin to the supporting at the angle of 10°.

Switch on the grinder and check up the idle rotation of the disk. While rotation it should

move without beats and axial shifts. Begin grinding when the wheel reaches maximum idle


While grinding of contours or edges of power welds the disc isn’t conducted beforehand

in a grinding area in order to avoid chips on the edge of the disc.

For protection of your organism use protective gloves, glasses, gauze bandage or

respirator fromdust. Depending on grinding activities put onmask for protection of face, leather

aprons and secure footwear.









Protection of eyes

is required



is required

Put on

a respirator

Consider safety




are required

Safety precautions under the GOST R 52588-2011 (ЕN 12413; EN13743)