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1. To increase the machining speed - at identical granularity of the basic and auxiliary

petals (A 40/40).

It occurs due to the extension of the contact area of the auxiliary petal with a surface of a

processed product.

2. To improve the quality of a processed surface working with the wheel with an auxiliary

petal of smaller granularity (A 40/60).

3. To produce wheels with the price / quality ratio more attractive to the consumer.

Thanks to new technologies the conversion cost has decreased without the change of the

quality of petals.

The new design of wheels allows:

Novelt !


Flap butt-end wheels KLT 3 are intended for processing all kinds

of materials (metal, wood, plastic).

The wheels can be used on the angle grinders with rotation speed not exceeding

the description which is pointed on the wheel.

Type KLT 3

Flap Butt-end Wheels

The basic feature of wheels KLT 3 by which they differ from other types

of flap butt-end wheels is the existence of pair petals - the basic and auxiliary.